While we could chew your ear off talking about our delectable range of Leonard’s tender, succulent meat products, we reckon it’s best if you heard it from some of our loyal customers. We hope it puts a smile on your dial like it did for us.

Carol Jensen

Congratulations on your delicious beef sausages. Since trying them for the first time from Fresh Choice at reggae,
Rotorua we have never bought another brand. We love your bacon too.

Lauril Stein

Love your beef sausages they are the best. 

Lyn Joan Wahren

Yes. simply the best. Better than all the rest. As the song says. 

Lyn Vesey

Best Pork sausages as well especially the Prime Pork ones. 

Sandy Le Poidevin

Leonard’s pure Pork sausages are the best by far. 

Colleen Adams

Your streaky Bacon is a joy to eat. 

Robyn Edwards

Love your Gluten Free Sausages 

Carol Jensen

Just the best Beef Sausages we have ever tried. Thank goodness Fresh Choice at TeNgae stock them. 

Richard Goodall

Excellent! I love your streaky bacon.  At long last a bacon producer who cuts a decent thickness and not tissue paper.  My dear old Mum in UK always bought Streaky Irish Roll and yours is the first bacon which comes near to that.

Ula Bruce

Wow ordered last night and received my order today. love it. thank you and will order again. highly recommend.

Polly Florence

Hi, Have not come across your sausages yet, however, your frankfurters are the absolute best our household have ever had, period. Came across them in Countdown purely by chance. They are tender and succulent, best flavour. Other franks we have had are usually too tight and quite tough, but yours are simply divine. I so need to try your sausages, hard to get a good sausage these days and going by your testimonials from other folk, I will be hunting them down. Thank You,
Warm regards, Polly.

Pauline Dumper

Put an order in on Wed received it the next day. The best bacon bones ever they were awesome. Bacon was yummy as well. Got 2 bacon hocks to make soup for a later date but the look so meaty and the cocktail sausages were the bomb. Well worth it and no waiting in line.

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