While we could chew your ear off talking about our delectable range of Leonard’s tender, succulent meat products, we reckon it’s best if you heard it from some of our loyal customers. We hope it puts a smile on your dial like it did for us.


Brought streaky bacon today as countdown had it on a special. Best bacon ever 10 out of 10. Never tried it before and i won’t be buying any other brand of bacon again. Nice to have it crisp up and not have a fry pan full of water. Well done you guys!


Hey guys.Just want to say, loving your product.. couple of weeks ago I bought your hotdogs. Well my grandsons thought they were the best hotdogs ever.. (Which me and hubby agreed). They made their Dad take a photo of your label so they could get some.. Because they were so nice, I’ve now got your cheese kranskys for dinner tonight. Can’t wait to try them. Well done Leonard’s, your sausages will be next on my list.. only sent you this, coz really mean it and it’s so nice to be able to say to others, you gotta try these, instead of saying “well they were shit”

Ondine Mcleod

Thank you sooo much, the Ham was very much enjoyed and I received complements from so many of the guests who enquired “wherever did I get such a lovely ham at this time of year?” 

So I told them, obviously

Thankyou, wonderful product and wonderful service to match!

Sue Wigglesworth

Just had to let you know, after a lot of tasting ( and being married to an ex butcher) I have found the best sausage.

Your PorK flavoured sausages are excellent, they remind me of the old Peach Pork Sausage ( goes back a long way)
Love their great work

David Bradshaw

I would just like to congratulate you on the black pudding that you make. I originate from the UK, which is supposedly the Mecca for black pudding, lots of which I tried over the years. I must say that yours is about the best I have ever tasted, and all thanks to my local butcher in Katikati for stocking it.

Susan Tupp

Thank you for the wonderful ham I ordered from you for our Christmas table. It was the nicest ham I have tasted in a long while, and definitely best value for money. It will be my choice here on in.

Carol Jensen

Congratulations on your delicious beef sausages. Since trying them for the first time from Fresh Choice at reggae,
Rotorua we have never bought another brand. We love your bacon too.

Lauril Stein

Love your beef sausages they are the best. 

Lyn Joan Wahren

Yes. simply the best. Better than all the rest. As the song says. 

Lyn Vesey

Best Pork sausages as well especially the Prime Pork ones. 

Sandy Le Poidevin

Leonard’s pure Pork sausages are the best by far. 

Colleen Adams

Your streaky Bacon is a joy to eat. 

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