Where can I get my hands on Leonard’s delicious meaty products?

You can grab our tantalising tasty Leonard’s meats at your favourite local supermarkets Foodtown, Countdown, PAK’nSAVE, New World, Fresh Choice and Four Square the length and breadth of Godzone. If you’re in Auckland, you can pop into our Factory Outlet Shop at 46 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki.

Click here for our friendly neighbourhood stockists.

If I can’t find my favourite Leonard’s products at my local supermarket, how can I get them to stock them for next time?

We tip our hats to your good taste. If you can’t find your faves in store, chat to the manager or store owner and say you’ve tasted the best now you need the rest of the range. We do our utmost to share with our retailers just how truly exceptional Leonard’s meats are, but if you give them a nudge we’d be delighted to keep them supplied or you can buy them right here on our website.

Can I buy gluten free products from Leonard’s?

Why yes, yes you can. We’re all about catering to a variety of dietary needs and many of our lick-smackingly succulent meat products are 100% gluten free. To find out which ones, take a gander at the information beside each product.  Our labels state if it is gluten and MSG free.

I love knowing the nutritional value of my food. Does Leonard’s supply nutritional information about its products?

We applaud your passion for being informed about the foods you eat. You can read up on all our Leonard’s products here in Our Products section and on the product packaging of every Leonard’s meat product. Knowledge is power!

Where does Leonard’s source its high quality meats from?

As a proudly Kiwi owned and operated family business, we’re stoked that our many of our meats are sourced locally right here in New Zealand, and to ensure you enjoy a wide variety of delectable Leonard’s products, some of our high-grade gourmet meats are sourced from overseas from countries with impeccable quality standards just like ours, such as Australia, Canada, Sweden and Spain.

Our hams are made in New Zealand with pork produced in any one or more of the following countries: USA, Germany, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Mexico and New Zealand. In 2022, we sourced the majority of our pork from the United States.

Do any of Leonard’s products contain MSG?

That would be a firm NO!. We’re proud to say all Leonard’s meats are MSG free and will stay that way because who needs extras when our meat flavours already pack a delicious punch?

I love your hams but do you have any hot tips for how I can glaze them like a masterchef?

Why thanks, we’re pretty chuffed with our hams and their manuka smoky goodness too! As home masterchefs ourselves (if we do say so) we’ve created a ham glazing method that cooks hams to heavenly, mouthwatering perfection. Take a gander here for our recipes and get ready to impress family and friends!

What accreditations does Leonard’s hold? I’m asking for a friend…

Of course you are. Tell your “friend” that we have a Food Control Plan as part of the Food Act (2014) by the Ministry for Primary Industries. Try saying that with a mouth full of dry Weetbix!

I love jumping on a trend… what are Leonard’s most popular products?

We’re all about shouting out about the faves and we’re stoked to tell you that our most popular products are probably about to become yours. They are our Cooked on the Bone Hams, our Streaky Bacon, and our Prime Pork Sausages. You’re welcome.

What do some of your customers have to say about your products?

We are thrilled to receive customer feedback. Click here to read what some of our customers have had to say about various Leonard’s products. If you have any feedback, please send it to us.

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